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mTORC1 Shotgun renamed for launch, VPX Sports explain their Olympia Expo poster

VPX Sports confirm the mix up with mTORC1 and Shotgun

For those of you who tuned into our live Olympia Expo coverage, and happened to catch the VPX Sports post. We made mention of a product the brand had up on a poster titled mTORC1 Shotgun. The supplement in that picture we were told was an upcoming pre-workout from VPX. With a basic individual formula using the patented mTORC1 feature from that pre-workout, also on it’s way. As it turns out after some discussion with the brand the Shotgun mTORC1 we saw at the Olympia. Is in fact the mTORC1 formula VPX Sports posted a few days after the Las Vegas Expo, just under a new name. Further more the basic product that was expected to be carrying mTORC1 by itself, has actually already been released. However it is not the individual we were told about, but the complex creatine supplement CREmTOR. In short mTORC1 Shotgun = mTORC1 Pre-Workout, and basic mTORC1 = CREmTOR. The last thing we wanted was any sort of confusion, which is now all cleared up thanks to the communication from VPX.

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