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Second flavor for Rage sequel confirmed, Animal Pak open up beta testing for their latest

Animal Pak open up beta testing for their upcoming pre-workout Rage XL

One of the more exciting supplement releases coming up, hopefully before the end of the year, is Animal Paks pre-workout sequel Rage XL. In the brand’s first mention of the product they confirmed a November or December launch, no ingredients, a 151g bottle weight, and one flavor in mango unchained. While we have still yet to see any ingredients revealed, some good news has surfaced. In light of the upcoming release of Rage XL, Animal have announced one more flavor in addition to mango unchained in, grape of wrath. As well as open up beta testing for the pre-workout for one day only. The ten lucky winners of the Animal Pak Forvm opportunity will be selected tomorrow, with no more submissions being accepted after today. The time between beta test to launch has varied from supplement to supplement in the past. So the latest development doesn’t necessarily change anything as far as arrival is concerned. Leaving us with the time frame Animal last mentioned, late fall.

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