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Limited edition pre-workout flavor confirmed, Black Market Labs release orange creamsicle

Black Market Labs announce this month's limited edition flavor

As reliable as they have been every Friday with the Black Market Labs Black Friday promotion. The underground company have been just as reliable with their limited edition pre-workout flavors for AdreNOlyn Bulk, Cuts, and AdrenHERlyn. This month’s option, joining a long list of greats such as guerrilla green, dragonfruit, and pitch black, is as the image states orange creamsicle. The pre-workout variant can now be purchased online through Black Market’s official website, or sometime soon from your local stockist. To add to today’s announcement, the underground brand recently revealed their interest in the protein market, which they are expecting to hit with three separate formulas. To add to the exciting news, Black Market Labs have said that the seasonal flavor production that they have been spot on with for their pre-workout supplements. Is something they intend to carry over to their protein powders when they take off. The development should not only interest loyal followers, but also any protein user looking to spice up their protein shake with a different taste each month.

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