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Original underground company entering the protein market, Black Market Labs confirm three upcoming protein formulas

Black Market Labs confirm their interest in the protein powder market

The last new supplement we saw from Black Market Labs, was the uniquely performing intra-workout product, simply titled Intra-Workout. It was the first and currently only formula to be using the new naming system the brand are looking at going into, with each supplement titled after it’s category. Set to follow on from the blue themed Intra-Workout next year, are the reformulated versions of the famous Black Market pre-workout series, AdreNOlyn Bulk, Cuts, and AdrenHERlyn. In a surprise turn of events, before the underground company release their return to the highly competitive energizing category. They are looking to launch themselves into the even more competitive protein powder category. The latest update from Black Market Labs is a confirmation of three upcoming formulas, two using the same theme as their pre-workout set, with Bulk and Cuts variants, and a third cost effective option. No name has been given to any of the products just yet. Although Black Market have said that there will be additional ingredients and specialized protein forms in the Bulk and Cuts supplements, to help deliver results in tune with their titles.

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