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Alpha Amino looking to go beyond β-BCAA, Cellucor announce their December supplement

Cellucor announce their upcoming supplement Alpha Amino

Back at the Olympia Cellucor mentioned that they had a new supplement in the works, one that would fill an obvious empty space in their line. Initially we didn’t want to take any random guesses, however now we don’t need to as the brand have in fact confirmed the product as Alpha Amino. One could say it is set to be the 2.0 or amplified version of the Cor formula β-BCAA (beta), based purely on it’s named. Although the only other information we have on the supplement is it’s preview image and a handful of details. With what has been released so far we can say that Cellucor’s upcoming Alpha Amino will be available in four flavors, one of them icy blue razz, carry a total of 50 servings in each tub. With features such as a BCAA blend powered by 3X Leucine, a hydration complex containing chia seed and coconut water, and an additional 11 amino acids. For now that is all we have with the excitement of the product’s launch date rounding out the update, with Cellucor saying sometime in December.

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