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First of five cor fetti cake batter released, Cellucor make it six with Jen Jewell’s flavor

Cellucor launch one of their new Cor Whey flavors, fetti cake batter

Cellucor recently announced a spree of new flavors for their hit supplement, Cor-Performance Whey with, fetti cake batter, red velvet cake batter, chocolate chip cookie dough, white chocolate mocha, and s’mores. The brand did say they would be doing their best to get the exciting tastes out before the end of the year. Which it seems they are in fact looking likely

to do, with one of the five already on it’s way out to retailers. The variant set to take Cellucor’s original six options to seven is Jen Jewell’s flavor, cor fetti cake batter. To make today’s announcement even more exciting, Cellucor have given impatient fans a chance to get a hold of the new Cor Whey taste before it hits stores. For those interested in the early opportunity, cor fetti cake batter can now be purchased in the 2lb tub direct from the brand’s official website, for $39.99. If you feel the price is a bit too much, and want to wait for the usual $30, most stockists should have it in the next week or two.

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