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Ferox stackable pre-workout Cannibal Swole, Chaos and Pain ask fans what flavor they want

Chaos and Pain confirm the name and ETA for the new Cannibal Swole

Earlier in the week Chaos and Pain made mention of their intentions to release a few more supplements, throwing out some of the things they have recently been working on. Among the list of projects were some individual “racetam” formulas, a nootropic complex containing noopept, and the product we have some news for today, a Ferox stackable pump supplement. The update brings three things to the table, firstly the name of the pre-workout, which is going to follow on from the brand’s other products with Cannibal Swole. Secondly, the supplement is expected to launch before Christmas, leaving Chaos and Pain with about a four or five weekend turnaround. And lastly, the flavor of the upcoming Swole is being voted on, as the no BS brand have asked fans what taste they would prefer. If you would like to have your say in the production of Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Swole. Head on over to the Facebook poll and choose between fruit punch, green apple, raspberry lemonade, watermelon, lemon ice, or cherry limeade. Otherwise look out for the product’s release as we head into Christmas.

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