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5lb Combat joined by 60 serve Amino1, Muscle Pharm produce another exclusive for Costco

Muscle Pharm producing a Costco exclusive Amino1

The athlete’s cocktail Amino1, Muscle Pharm’s amino acid formula. Is currently available in four sizes, the trial size 15, Fight Stack 20, regular 32, and extra large 50 serving tub. As for flavors the product is being produced in cherry limeade, fruit punch, lemon lime, orange mango, and the most recent addition glacier breeze. The reason Amino1 and it’s options are being brought into the spotlight today is due to the introduction of a new super size volume to the supplement. The variant Muscle Pharm have confirmed is set to take over as their largest offering with a total of 60 servings, in just one promised taste, fruit punch. Furthermore the mammoth Amino1 is going to be an exclusive product, with it’s availability being tied down to the stockist that recently landed the brand’s exclusive 5lb cookies ‘n cream Combat, Costco. The bulk buy retailer are expected to get the 60 serve sometime in January, with no mention of a price just yet. Although if the value of the 25% more Combat is anything to go by, Costco’s Amino1 is likely to be extremely competitive.

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