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Almost three months and nothing released, what is going on with Gear Nutraceuticals

When is Gear Nutraceuticals going to release a supplement

Gear Nutraceuticals, a brand that seemingly launched themselves at this year’s Mr. Olympia Expo, has raised some interesting questions for us. While we can not doubt the company’s intentions or the supplements they are selling. The position they are in teamed with an article we recently read, brings in to question just what is Gear doing right now. A post from, a must visit website created by two industry veterans John Romano and Anthony Roberts. Makes some very interesting points, that essentially leaves us thinking is this new brand actually going to release anything? We have seen PRs, marketing plans, and even products up close from. But we can not remember the last time we saw a company put so much effort into talking about supplements. Without having anything on the shelf for almost three months. To help fuel our concern, we have emailed Gear Nutra three times, with absolutely no reply. We received a tweet from Liz Gaspari with the launch date “soon”. And finally something that just seemed odd to us, the TAT2 complex that is expected to be in every Gear product, is the combination of Creapure, fulvic acid, maltodextrin, and gum arabic. Again we can’t completely doubt the brand’s intentions or their supplements. We just feel that with the limited amount of information available and Anthony Robert’s article, it is quite easy to become a disbeliever in Gear Nutraceuticals.

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