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AMPitropin set to follow Intratest in 2014, Lecheek Nutrition confirm a brain optimizer

Lecheek Nutrition reveal another 2014 supplement AMPitropin

Lecheek Nutrition already confirmed the coming of a new supplement back at the Olympia, with the reveal of a reformulated version of the intra-workout product Intratest Extreme. While most we assumed that would have kept the brand busy up until it’s release early next year in January. It turns out Lecheek have got something else planned for their fans with the focus formula AMPitropin. So far the supplement has had very little revealed, with just an image detailing it’s name, and 60 capsule bottle size which works out to be 60 servings. As for it’s intentions AMPitropin’s subtitle ‘brain optimizer’ really gives it all away, putting the product in the mental enhancement category with the likes of American Muscle’s Nirvana, and Chaos & Pain’s upcoming Cannibal Genius. Unfortunately while the news of AMPitropin is exciting, Lecheek Nutrition have said that the supplement won’t be released any time soon. Most likely putting it a couple of months after the arrival of the 2014 Intratest.

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