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Marc Lobliner on the sensitive subject of amino spiking, three simple steps to help you find the protein powder you deserve

Marc Lobliner, one of the few honest voices in the supplement industry has released a video around the subject USP Lab’s touched on with OxyElite Protein, and that is amino spiking. For those that are unaware based on rules and regulations for protein powders, companies can use amino acids as well as creatine in their formulas to add to a product’s nitrogen count. Which in turn can essentially bump up it’s protein total without actually using complete protein sources. Tiger Fitness’s Lobliner not only explains this in his educational upload, but he names brands and proteins both good and bad. He also lays out a few simple steps for consumers to use to make sure they are getting what they need. Step one, look for lab tests on the supplement, which there are some out there that do publish regularly. Step two, look over the product’s label, if there are amino acids or creatine in there. While the brand may or may not be putting those towards their protein count, it would be best just to drop it altogether. Lastly, look at the price of the supplement and go with the age old saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. The video has come at just the right time, with a number of the formulas Marc Lobliner mentions in his video set to take part in our Protein Wars octafinals. Giving everyone the chance to help decide on the product most deserving of the people’s protein title.

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