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Iovate carry over Hydroxycut Clinical variants, Xenadrine launch four new fat burning formulas

Iovate weight loss company Xenadrine introduce four new supplements

One of Iovate’s many supplement brands spread throughout the market is the weight loss driven Xenadrine. The originally small line was backed by just the one product, the flagship fat burner Xendarine XT. Recently however the brand welcomed a board a number of new formulas, boosting the previously lone supplement collection to a total of five. The items currently making their way out to stockists and getting familiar with fans are Xenadrine regular, Xenadrine caffeine free, Xenadrine Instant Drink Mix, and Xenadrine Gummies. While the four new releases are exciting and will no doubt help see the brand grow. It would have been nice to see Iovate go with products that didn’t resemble their Hydroxycut Pro Clinical series so much. As both of the company’s weight loss ranges feature regular, caffeine free, instant mix, gummy, and hardcore variants of their flagship formulas. Despite their slight contents differences, you can see the major similarities, and find out more information on the Xenadrine additions by visiting the brand’s official website. And expect to see the new supplements slowly showing up in stores over the next few weeks.

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