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Turbo Tub saving you 25% off 20 Turbo Stix, AI Sports squeeze in another release for 2013

AI Sports Nutrition Turbo Stix 20 pack Turbo Tub

Before closing out 2013 AI Sports have managed to put together one more release. It is not so much a new supplement, but a more cost effective variant of a current one. The product’s title is Turbo Tub, a 20 pack bottle of the brand’s energy supplement Turbo Stix. The basic formula has been around for some time, and is driven by three main features, caffeine, B12, and electrolyte ingredients. One of the major highlights of the product is it’s form, with users simply needing to pour the dissolving energy powder into their mouths, instead of mixing it with water. As mentioned above AI’s Turbo Tub squeezes in 20 Turbo Stix, keeping on board the same four piece menu of blue raspberry, apple, fruit punch, and orange. Along with a fifth variety variant containing five of each option. For those interested in AI Sport’s new Turbo Tub, the supplement is now available direct from the brand’s official website in all four flavors minus the variety bottle, for $29.99. Saving you roughly 25% compared to buying 20 Turbo Stix individually.

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