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Cannibal Ferox packaing and flavoring fixed, Chaos and Pain’s Genius and Swole ready to go

Chaos and Pain confirm developments for the next few weeks

For those fans of the relatively new but fast growing supplement company Chaos and Pain. We have a few updates from the brand in relation to their current two products as well as their up coming formulas. The pre-workout Cannibal Ferox has had it’s manufacturing issues corrected, with the updated edition on the way in two flavors, luminous lemon ice and watermelon war machine. Chaos and Pain’s second two supplements have been confirmed as ready to go, with Cannibal Genius and Cannibal Swole in green apple hulk, set to land over the next few weeks. With the last bit of news from the brand seeing the introduction of a sixth tee to Chaos and Pain’s gear department. Thor’s Hammer shirt, due to join the Baphomet, Vlad the Impaler, Punisher Skull, Competition, and .44 Magnum tops. To see all of the company’s current offerings visit their official website, which is also going to be the place the aforementioned items will all launch.

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