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Caffeine & citrulline nitrate confirmed for Rush, EPIQ ready to release their second pre-workout

EPIQ confirm two ingredients for their upcoming pre-workout Rush

The athlete based EPIQ previewed their new thermogenic pre-workout supplement Rush back in October, with an estimated arrival time of “coming soon“. We presumed that would translate into one month, which is about spot on as the Muscletech spin off are preparing to release their second pre-workout product. Rush is expected to launch sometime in the next two weeks with every little detail said to be revealed by the end of this week. For now we can confirm that the initially mentioned flavor fruit fusion, is going to be the only option for the supplement. We can also say that the energizing formula’s 280g bottle does in fact pack a total of 60 servings, not the predicted 40. As for the contents of EPIQ’s latest product, the facts panel will be available over the next few days. However we do know Rush will feature three different proprietary blends, an energy, a peak performance, and a complex dedicated weight loss. Along with two transparently dosed ingredients the brand have been kind enough to leak, 138mg caffeine anhydrous and 603mg of citrulline nitrate, both per serving. To round out the news EPIQ are looking to do some giveaways with Rush when it hits in the next week or two, which we are looking to get you our followers in on.

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