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Formula behind EVP Plus Energy revealed, Evogen’s Christmas pre-workout now available

Evogen release the formula behind their new EVP Plus Energy

The Christmas day launched EVP Plus from Hany Rambod’s Evogen, has arrived and is expected to show up in stockists very soon. Fortunately with the official release has also come the facts panel of the sequel pre-workout supplement. Since it’s first mention Evogen have kept the product’s changes under wraps, although now with EVP’s full list of contents in hand. We can confirm that the supplement has received an upgrade, one that is actually hinted at in it’s title, EVP Plus Energy. Overall the formula is relatively the same in doses and ingredients, with the introduction of a fifth complex being the thing backing up the product’s energy suffix. The new complex takes the pre-workout’s proprietary blend total up by 2.27g, and welcomes the loss of the stimulant DMAE in exchange for four features, caffeine, mucuna pruriens, b-phenylethylamine hcl, and BioPerine. You can check out the complete facts panel below, showing off all of it’s minor and major tweaks.

Evogen EVP Plus Energy facts panel
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