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Basyx Series reignited with glutamine formula, Genomyx confirm some more leading into 2014

Genomyx confirm Basyx Series relaunch with raw glutamine

The recently Lecheek Nutrition acquired Genomyx, who also just announced the new endurance based supplement Endurate. Are more than following through on their promise of updates and developments, with their latest announcement seeing the brand reignite a product series that first appeared back in April. That series is the Genomyx Basyx line, an individual collection that was launched with Agmatine Sulfate. While it may have been roughly seven months since anything was confirmed for the Basyx Series. Under the guidance of Lecheek the line is looking to become a bit more relevant early next year. With an expected surge of supplements set to be kicked off by a raw glutamine formula packing 40 servings, and an estimated scoop size of about 5g. There has been no mention of what else will be released for the Basyx collection, but with agmatine and gluamine in the mix. The other common individuals like creatine, BCAAs, and fish oil, are more than likely to follow.

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