Metabolic Bioshock reviewed as one of a kind, Giant Sports make it 3 for 3 with pre-workout

Dec 3, 2013 | General
Review of Giant Sports pre-workout Metabolic Bioshock

Giant Sports are more than well known for their popular protein powder, Delicious Protein. They are also famous for their previously only other supplement, the fat burner Dexamine. Both products proved their worth by Delicious showing just why it is called Delicious, and Dexamine packing energy, mood, and weight loss results, all into one. Back in August Giant started teasing what is now their third supplement, and possibly one of the biggest releases of the year, the pre-workout Metabolic Bioshock. The brand previewed it, revealed it’s ingredients, then went on to launch the formula late September, early October. After using the product a few times, then over weeks with more consistent use, we finally have an experience review of Bioshock. Detailing just how uniquely effective Giant Sport’s latest innovation actually is.

Upon seeing the contents of the Metabolic Bioshock back when it was all revealed, the amount of ingredients the supplement packed was the most surprising part. While the label transparency was no doubt a highlight of the pre-workout, it’s range proved even more interesting with traditional inclusions such as caffeine, taurine, and l-carnitine, as well as rarities like glutamine nitrate, water solubilized CoQ10, and the trademarked Stilbenox. Facts and features aside, we have to say that the uniqueness of Bioshock’s formula does in fact carry over into it’s experience.

Like most successful pre-workouts, there are a handful of areas where Giant Sport’s Metabolic Bioshock delivers, that when combined result in a one of a kind performance. For today’s nakedly dosed product we are going to highlight every area we know of, as for us Bioshock has a presence in all corners.

First up is energy, something that every supplement in the pre-workout category carries. Metabolic Bioshock’s level is somewhat mild, however it is something that actually seems to play in the product’s favor. It may not make much sense right now, but as we go over each of Bioshock’s effects, the average amount of energy, that is probably the weakest effect in the supplement. Is in fact the perfect amount of energy, as any more and it would take away from the formula’s point of difference, and any less and you would feel cheated.

The second area we’re going to touch on is pump, a major part of the product that can best be described as a comfortable muscle fullness. It isn’t the only effect with Metabolic Bioshock so your mind isn’t drawn to it, and while it is one of the highlights. With all that the supplement has going on during a workout, it manages to be memorable and sit perfectly in balance with everything else. Resulting in a pump that doesn’t overpower your experience or distract you from the other effects in the product. Alternatively if pump is something you look for in a pre-workout, you will find that Bioshock can morph into just what you are looking for, and force pump out as it’s primary effect. It is worth pointing out that on a single scoop we didn’t find muscle fullness to be much of a highlight, but as we moved up from a single, to one and a half, then two. The product’s pump effect was amplified a lot more than any of the other areas.

Next we would like to bring up focus, which isn’t something that Giant really promoted for the supplement, however we do believe it is a factor in Metabolic Bioshock’s overall performance. Like the product’s energy effect, the mental enhancement is not a major player, but still something that adds to the pre-workout’s experience. While we can’t say it features anything like tunnel vision, we can say it gets you in the mood, along the same lines as some successful fat burners like Shred Matrix and Detonate. It’s more like a productivity promotion than a mental stimulant. The effect may actually be a spin off of the mild energy and rewarding pumps. Regardless we feel that it alters the mind in a noticeable and positive way, and at level worthy of crediting with focus ability.

The last two effects we are going to cover are intensity and endurance. The intensity is not at a level near the likes of Pump Igniter, Psycho, or Ritual. As it is significantly a lot less chaotic. While others make you feel unstoppable, powerful, or a few steps away from actually transforming into a beast. Bioshock has this calm sense about it where your intensity is not really intense, more like a rhythmic charge. You will still notice the quick recovery from set to set, and rep to rep. Although it won’t come from any sort of headstrong state of mind or stimulating energy hit. Your body just does not get tired, and the strange thing about it all is that due to the average yet noticeable energy dose, lingering pumps, and goal driven focus. It feels like you are performing on another level, and that your game has in fact been progressively lifted. As opposed to the sometimes overpowering experiences more stimulant driven products provide.

The final department we have to bring up after hopefully getting across Metabolic Bioshock’s unique, calm, and powerful point of difference, is it’s endurance. This has to be the standout feature of the supplement, and we are not just referring to the extended amount of effort the pre-workout fuels during exercises, or the quick recovery it delivers between sets. We are talking about actually being given the power to workout beyond your usual length. As mentioned earlier, one of the key factors with Giant Sport’s Bioshock is it’s calmness and sense self improvement. Which is something we believe helps carry you through the extra half hour or hours the product offers. Just as you will feel some sort of naturalness with the set to set revitalization and smooth intensity. The endurance effect also has it’s own discrete ability as you won’t actually notice how far the supplement can take you until you have finished a workout, and realize you can probably go another round despite feeling that usual level of post-workout accomplishment.

All in all Giant Sport’s Metabolic Bioshock has to be one of the most difficult pre-workout experiences to describe. We could go on all day trying to define the ways it works and what it does. But to hopefully add a bit more detail and sum it up as best we can, Bioshock is a true performer. It is intensity without being intense, and an all round pre-workout. The product will no doubt have it’s audience, which Giant can definitely count on being loyal. As unlike a lot of the competitors in the energizing category whether they be stimulating, overdosed energy hits, or just short lived highs. There is nothing out there right now, that can measure up to the diversity and one of a kind overall performance of Metabolic Bioshock.