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The Muscle System theme carried over, iSatori update their website along with everyone else

iSatori update their website with the Muscle System theme

Not too long ago iSatori updated their Bio-Gro launch website the Muscle System, with an entirely new theme and contents. At the time it seemed that the update was only going to be uploaded to the Bio-Gro dedicated page, however the brand have now carried over the spacious and stylish design to their main site. Unlike the Muscle System’s home, iSatori’s complete online presence makes much more use of the new and improved layout, by spreading the theme out across all of it’s sections. Going from the regular areas such as products and about us, to the more uncommon ones like the iFit training programs and educational supplement guides. You can visit the website yourself to see all the changes iSatori have made, and be sure to check out the product pages to get a full look at the new packaging the brand previewed back at the Olympia.

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