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One of a kind post-workout nears release, Stoppani confirms second flavor for Post Jym

Second flavor for Jim Stoppani's Post Jym confirmed

Not too long after the release of the pre-workout Pre Jym, Jim Stoppani the man behind the supplement uploaded an image of his second formula Post Jym. Despite the product being recently followed by a third item, with Stoppani showing his interest in the protein powder market with Pro Jym. The industry leader has still yet to launch the post-workout supplement Post Jym. In his latest update however the excitement has been reignited with an individual preview of each of the product’s separate sachets, one for the fast acting carbohydrates and the other for the active ingredients. While the facts panel for the post-workout was posted back when the supplement’s image first surfaced, revealing most of it’s details. The packet preview has revealed one new piece of information, and that is a second flavor for the recovery product. Joining the previously mentioned fruit punch is another fruity variant, watermelon. Outside of that little fact, we have only one more thing to leave you with and that is the likely hood of Post Jym landing in time for Christmas. Over the month’s the supplement has been built up based on it’s well dosed formula and uniquely divided form. Dates like the end of October and middle of November have been thrown around, making December a big possibility for the product’s release.