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Four Athlete Competitive formulas released, MRI Performance launch their latest with GNC

MRI Performance launch four of their Athlete Competitive supplements

MRI Performance’s new Athlete Competitive Series that we all got a nice look at back at the Olympia Expo in September, has finally arrived and been launched through GNC. The retailer are showing up with four of the six items we spotted a few months ago, almost the same four MRI were kind enough to send us the facts panels for. The supplements now available are the sleep aid Recover & Repair, the pre-workout Surge, the unique powder product Immune Fit, and the CarnoSyn based Beta Charge. The two missing from the Athlete Competitive release are Co-H20, and the one of a kind vitamin formula officially titled Multi Tri-System. If you have been waiting for any of the supplements mentioned, head over to GNC and check them out. However if you were more interested in the two left out from the launch, you may want to sit back as there has not been a date set for either of them.

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