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Mystery supplement confirmed as a fat burner, MuscleMed’s first new product since N.O. Bull

MuscleMeds confirm their next new supplement as a fat burner

While it is has certainly been quite a long time since MuscleMeds released any new supplement. The Kai Greene sponsoring brand have finally dropped an update for the upcoming product they first mentioned way back in July. Initially MuscleMeds previewed the formula in a white pill bottle, which did mean it could be either a capsule or powder supplement. Now however with the confirmation of the mystery product being a fat burner, all fingers are pointing at it being a pill formula. The only additional piece of information MuscleMeds have revealed is the time frame of the weight loss supplement’s arrival, currently being teased for sometime in the next few weeks. For now that is it, leaving us with anywhere from two to four weeks before finding out what is in the product, and whether or not the unnamed item is set to replace MuscleMeds current weight loss formula Methylburn Extreme.

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