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Update on mystery supplements set for 2014, Muscleology preview their January bound duo

Muscleology tease two new supplements for January 2014

Muscleology already had quite the boom earlier in the year with their Muscleology Movement which saw the release of a number of things including, new supplements, clothing, a complete rebranding, and a pre-workout reformulation. The orange and black company then announced back in October that they were looking to shake the grounds once again with two mystery items. We now have an update from Muscleology on the upcoming duo confirming that the products are lined up for launch in the new year, both with still very few in fact absolutely no details available. On the bright side the brand have released an image with the announcement featuring two tubs along with the mention of the items being “new”. While we can not confirm anything right now the term “new” could relate to flavors. Which if true the bottles in the preview picture that look an awful lot like Sledge Hammer and Myofiber, could turn out to be additional tastes for two current supplements. Alternatively they could actually be brand new products, which in that case with Muscleology’s unique line up of individuals, fat burners, and muscle builders, the two could be anyone’s guess. Fortunately the company have given the month of January as the duo’s arrival, leaving us with a maximum countdown of about seven weeks and a minimum of four.

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