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Untitled product previewed without category, Magnum begin teasing their spring release

Magnum Nutraceuticals start the tease for their next supplement

Magnum Nutraceuticals recently released their focus, intensity, and mood enhancer Rocket Science, after a long and well teased out launch. After the supplement hit, the brand previewed an image that featured the stimulator alongside Primer and it’s theme matching box, as well as two updated product packages, Acid and Thrust. Magnum have now kicked off the build up for their next big release that is currently without a name, and category. All the brand have revealed is the fact that it is a powdered formula with a flavor that appears to be fruit punch. Unfortunately nothing more has been mentioned, which does leaves it open to for the guessing game. The formula could be a drinkable version of a current Magnum Nutraceuticals supplement, or if we’re going to go by trends, three products look likely, an updated pre-workout, amino cocktail, or flavored fat burner. Predictions and possibilities aside, we all have a long wait ahead of us as Magnum have promised the unknown supplement for sometime in Spring next year.

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