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Agmatine Supreme packing 2g per serving, SAN Nutrition tags on for this year’s trend

SAN Nutrition introduce their latest formula Agmatine Supreme

One of the more common types of supplements we’ve seen this year would have to be individual agmatine sulfate formulas. Genomyx did it, USP Labs, iForce Nutrition, and more recently Marc Lobliner’s Ethitech Nutrition, with the latest brand to join the trend being SAN Nutrition. The well ranged company have announced their agmatine effort

suitably named Agmatine Supreme. Unlike most others in it’s category, SAN’s product is a pill supplement, packing 500mg of it’s title ingredient in to a single capsule, or a whole gram in to it’s serving size of two. Agmatine Supreme is currently not showing in any major stockist, although when it does we expect to be with a price somewhere around $25.

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