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Peach mango twist and wicked watermelon ready, ANS Performance set to launch new Ritual flavors

ANS Performance ready to launch their two new Ritual flavors

The new flavors ANS Performance Promised for their science based and highly success pre-workout Ritual, are finally ready to be released. It was almost four months ago that we were introduced to the excitement of icy blue freeze and candy green apple,

being joined by peach mango twist and wicked watermelon. Fans of our #1 energizing supplement can now begin to dust off their wallets, or at least start saving up some cash. As the fruity duo are due to arrive at most stockists sometime this month, with the first place set to sell the two tastes being next week. We don’t expect their to be any price changes for peach mango or watermelon, however if hold on to their current Ritual sale, ANS’s third and fourth flavors will launch with a buy 2 get 1 free deal.

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