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Hyper FX 2.0 confirmed to feature HydroCarn, BSN release a few details on their reformulation

BSN confirm Hyper FX as their reformulated supplement

Last week BSN confirmed the coming of an update to one of their current supplements. At the time the brand would not say what product was getting the update, however now we can tell you that the upgraded supplement is in fact the pre-workout Hyper-FX. The formula has indeed been modified in an attempt to stay relevant in a category, that just last year welcomed in a number of successful supplements one after another. Including our top three pre-workouts, ANS Ritual, Scivation Psycho, and Top Secret’s Pump Igniter. So far not much has been said about what BSN have changed in Hyper FX. Although we do know it’s serving size has been dropped from 10.8g to 9.1, with caffeine expected to have also been dropped by 70mg. While more information should become available as we move closer to it’s unknown release date, we will leave you with another piece of information BSN have passed on, and that is one of Hyper FX’s new ingredients, beta-alanine HCL HydroCarn.

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