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Flex Lewis making headlines, Gaspari Nutrition athlete moves on to BSN

BSN signs reigning two time 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis

BSN have announced today the official signing of their latest bodybuilding athlete, the Welsh Dragon Flex Lewis. Rumors started swirling late last year of the two time 212 Olympia’s changing from Gaspari Nutrition to the veteran company. At the time we weren’t ready to say anything just in case the deal fell through. However BSN have now confirmed it loud and clear, that Lewis has joined their team of talented IFBB bodybuilders. Which currently consists of fellow 212 competitor Guy Cisternino, the beast Roelly Winklaar, Brandon Curry, and the young Dallas McCarver. To add to the excitement around Flex Lewis, on top of his supplement sponsor change. There are two photos floating around of the Welsh Dragon showing off his 220lb physique, as he heads into this year’s Arnold Classic. While athletes do post posing images all the time, these two are so remarkable, the first one inspired a feature at Muscular Development late last week. That in combination with the BSN news, has no doubt given the 212 Champion plenty of attention, with of course plenty more to come as he looks to win the Arnold Classic in a little over six weeks time.

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