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Heavily dosed Cannibal Ferox reviewed, Chaos and Pain’s pre-workout almost too much

Review of Chaos and Pain's pre-workout supplement Cannibal Ferox

One of the most recent pre-workout supplements that we have been dying to review since we first saw it, all the way back in July of last year. Is Chaos and Pain’s powerfully dosed Cannibal Ferox. On paper it is one of the most well put together products we have seen, but as most know or at least in our experience. You can not judge a book by it’s cover, whether it be good or bad. Unfortunately the relatively new brand did have issues with the flavoring of the supplement in it’s initial release, which did see us receive one of their disastrous concoctions. In today’s review however we will outline the pre-workout’s effects separate to that of it’s taste.

Just to get the bad part out of the way. While we do know Chaos and Pain have reflavored Cannibal Ferox, we have yet to try any of the new recipes, and have to agree with all the extremely descriptive names fans have been posting as feedback. Awful doesn’t even come close to how off our luminous lemon lime tasted. Right from the smell all the way to the swallowing, the original Ferox is a car crash of radioactive, sour, expired, bitter, and just plain foul flavoring. We have experienced some of the worst, but this one most definitely takes the cake. As mentioned we are not going to let the taste of the product affect our review. Although it did make the process quite difficult, as one reviewer actually threw up the pre-workout on his first run immediately after drinking it.

Moving on to the performance of Cannibal Ferox. We will say we expected a lot from this supplement, purely because it’s ingredients are both transparently and well dosed. As for the areas it packed it’s punch we are going to name energy and focus. Before we detail the main attractions however we will talk a bit about it’s supporting effects.

Ferox’s pump for us is it’s weakest point. It is there for short periods of time then some how disappears. We used the pre-workout with a number of people and workouts, but each time we got the same feedback. The pump is an on off thing that pops up across a span of about 30 minutes, appearing for occasional sets then fading away. Despite the odd dose of pump, the effect is followed closely by the formula’s intensity. Usually a strong level of energy brings a strong level of intensity, and vice versa. In the case of Cannibal Ferox, we actually found that the energy hit left the product’s intensity in the dust. It is quite different experiencing one without the other, it’s almost like going from first to sixth gear and not being able to shift down and control your level of output. It is certainly not a bad thing to be high on energy and low on intensity. But after knowing what it’s like to have both features working together in a pre-workout like with ANS Ritual, Scivation Psycho, and Top Secret Pump Igniter. We would prefer having that added amount of drive, power, and control even if it came with a loss of energy.

As for the highlights of Ferox with energy and focus, they are up there with the best. While the lack of pump and intensity are a surprise, the sky high energy and tunnel vision focus are equally surprising. There is no build up or slow drop in with Chaos and Pain’s pre-workout, the energy just kicks right in after the usual 10 to 20 minute wait. The focus does come slightly earlier, eventually seeing the two combine and make for a great start to any workout.

We did sample Cannibal Ferox a few times based around serving size as at the maximum it did overpower a few of us with mild headspins, shakes, and exerciseless crashes. After a few trials we come up with somewhere around one to one and half scoops as just right. Anything more and the hit was just too much. In the beginning we did think it may have been only one person’s opinion. However we quickly discovered two scoops was an unbearable high no one felt comfortable even attempting to train on. Another thing the serving size plays a part in is the crash. It may have been sometime since we felt one, but it seems the higher the dose, and more intense the mind and energy effect, the faster and harder the crash. It can be kind and can be rough, with a good experience leaving you slightly lethargic, and a bad one seeing you end in a corner begging for food, headache relief, and a quick nap.

Overall Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Ferox is effective. It loses out in the pump and intensity departments, but makes up a lot of ground with hard hitting energy and a mind altering amount of focus. The supplement isn’t something we rank too high up on the list, purely because we enjoy a balanced experience. Basically a combination of effects that work with or roll off one another, creating a point of difference and resulting in a comfortable, controllable, and enjoyable workout. If you do think about giving Ferox a go we can not stress enough about experimenting with servings on this one. Even if you are a regular pre-workout user, Cannibal Ferox is packed. Sitting at 600mg of caffeine in two scoops, along with other equally powerful stimulant doses, definitely start in the middle. You will have a much better time, more so when you find the serving size that works for you.

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