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Reflavored Ferox and Genius due mid month, Chaos & Pain keep their 2013 momentum going

Chaos and Pain release a few updates for the new year

Chaos and Pain have launched into the new year with two exciting updates to keep their 2013 momentum going. The first is news on the arrival of the reflavored variants of the brand’s pre-workout supplement Cannibal Ferox, luminous lemon lime and watermelon warmachine. That have been given an arrival time of mid month. Set to drop at the same time as the energizing duo is the release of Chaos’s nootropic formula Cannibal Genius. Which has had it’s complete list of features confirmed, seeing it’s previously revealed seven ingredients joined by acetyl-l-carnitine and vitamin D3. To round out the Chaos and Pain news, there is an additional piece of information, not as exciting as the coming of the new Ferox flavors or Genius. But still worth mentioning, and that is word on Cannibal Swole with it’s unofficial list of contents now official. In case you missed the initial preview of the pump product’s six ingredients, they are agmatine, creatinol, resveratrol, NaR-ALA, citrulline, and norvaline. Unfortunately despite the confirmation, there has been no launch date or time frame given to Cannibal Swole.

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