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One of two new Hemavol flavors hits TF Supplements, iForce Nutrition follow through on blueberry pomegranate

iForce Nutrition launch Hemavol blueberry pomegranate

Expected to arrive this year from iForce Nutrition are two new flavors for their hit pre-workout supplement Hemavol. The brand previously confirmed blueberry pomegranate and cherry limeade, making it a future total of six options for the product.

While we can’t say just yet that iForce have completely followed through on their new variants, we can say that they have delivered on one, officially releasing blueberry pomegranate out into the market. At the moment the taste is not available everywhere, with the first place listing it being TF Supplements. It hasn’t been confirmed just when the flavor will hit other stockists, however iForce Nutrition fans have no reason to be disappointed as TF currently have Hemavol priced quite competitively, at a little under $30 for 32 servings.

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