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Zero Carb Isopure 4.5lb tub spotted, Nature’s Best give fans a size in between their 3 and 7.5lb

Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure 4.5lb tub spotted in two flavors

Nature’s Best, the company behind the extremely popular Isopure protein range, have found time to put together a new size for their Zero Carb formula. In most locations the supplement is found in a number of unique flavors with the likes of mango peach and alpine punch, and two volumes, a 44 scoop 3lb and a 110 scoop 7.5lb.

The variant joining Zero Carb Isopure’s already wide variety of choices is a 66 scoop 4.5lb tub. The third size does appear to be following the trend of the 7.5lb bucket, by listing only a few tastes compared to the 3lb. With dutch chocolate and creamy vanilla being the only ones seen. Nature’s Best have yet to upload the 4.5lber to their website, so for now we can not confirm if there are any more flavors on the way for the new option.

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