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Legendary Isopure protein drink swaps its signature glass bottle for plastic

Plastic Bottled Isopure Protein Drink

Before fruit-flavored protein powder became the trend that it is today with all of the clear and refreshing beverages and supplements on the market, there was the traditional, glass-bottled Isopure Protein Drink with an incredibly lean nutrition profile and a variety of flavors. That product has been out there for several years and is still present in many different places, but there appears to be a bit of a change for 2024 that switches one of the most memorable features of the protein-packed ready-to-drink competitor.

The glass bottle of the Isopure Protein Drink is difficult to forget; the experience of holding cold glass packaging is genuinely one-of-a-kind, especially next to the plastic bottles and cardboard cartons of the many other protein RTDs floating around on the market. A newly repackaged version of that long-running beverage has surfaced, which drops that glass build for traditional plastic, and it keeps everything else exactly the same from the high-quality source of protein to the impeccably lean nutrition profile.

Like the glass bottled Isopure Protein Drink with a volume of 473ml or 16oz, the plastic made Isopure Protein Drink sitting a little bit larger at 500ml, has 32g of protein, all from premium whey isolate, absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, ending with an impressive 130 calories. The retail giant GNC is one of the first to show up with the repackaged clear and refreshing protein beverage in two of its original flavors, both of them refreshing and fruity with Alpine Punch and the two-part recipe Apple Melon.

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