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Jamie Eason Signature Series released, Labrada Nutrition line arrives with a surprise fourth

Labrada Nutrition's new Lean Body For Her Jamie Eason line launched

Jamie Eason’s previously teased Signature Series has officially been launched. While the supplements are expected to be hitting retailers soon, they have already gone live through Labrada Nutrition’s website. The entire women’s spin off collection is available with the Whey Protein Isolate Shake, Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula, Krill Oil, and a fourth item that up until now we had not seen or heard of, Food Based Multi-Vitamin. To help with the release of the Jamie Eason line, the products are being sold both individually and in a discounted stack. The prices individually aren’t half bad for Anti-Bloat and Multi-Vitamin at $19.99 each. However the other two have had their value set a bit high, or the usual over the top cost of a female marketed supplement, with Krill Oil at $39.99 and the 24oz protein powder at $34.99. As for the five piece stack, featuring all four Jamie Eason formulas and an additional bag of Whey Protein, the price is slightly better, in total saving you $23.99. If you are interested in the Lean Body For Her spin off series head on over to Labrada’s website, or wait for them to hit stores with hopefully better value.

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