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AMPilean’s 10 piece proprietary confirmed, Lecheek Nutrition promising a lot for their latest

Lecheek reveal the formula behind their upcoming fat burner AMPilean

A few days before Christmas of last year Lecheek Nutrition confirmed the coming of a new weight loss supplement, and second AMP titled formula, AMPilean. At the time we had no word on it’s release date or contents, although now as we move closer to the fat burner’s arrival. The brand have revealed the product’s facts panel. Unlike the other AMP supplement AMPitropin, AMPilean is not transparently dosed. But does manage to make up for it’s lack of consistency with a powerful 10 piece proprietary blend. The official ingredients list for Lecheek’s latest features AMP citrate, green tea, dandelion extract, two forms of caffeine, anhydrous and citrate, Pikatropin, hordeinine, higenamine, celery seed extract, and dendrobium. According to the brand the combination of ingredients is expected to enhance thermogenesis, increase metabolism, suppress appetite, boost energy, and provide a solid amount of focus. While that is a tall order for any single product, especially if those effects are intended to be at a noticeable level. AMPilean’s formula does look rather impressive, and should be hitting stores soon. Giving every one a chance, including us, to see how much Lecheek Nutrition’s new supplement follows through on.

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