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LIV powder appears with just 30 servings, Athletic Edge’s flavored weight loss now available

Athletic Edge Nutrition confirm formula behind the new LIV powder

Late last year Athletic Edge Nutrition previewed a flavored variant of their weight loss supplement, LIV. In the announcement the brand confirmed two tastes for the product, juicy watermelon, and pineapple tropical blast. The one thing we were waiting on following the news was of course the formula behind the flavored editions. Which has now turned up as LIV powder is slowly making it’s way out to stockists. Initially we expected the formula to have no change to it’s contents. However the first facts panel that has surfaced for both tastes of LIV at the Vitamin Shoppe, shows that Athletic Edge have halved the amount of servings. The pill and powder proprietary blends appear to match up in weight, it is just the serving count that is different, listed as 30 servings compared to the capsule version’s 60. We do feel like this could be a mistake, but will wait until more stores upload LIV powder to their websites before fully commenting on the value of Athletic Edge Nutrition’s latest.

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