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Second Micro-Batch individual released, MAN Sports new Glutamine Peptides

MAN Sports reveal their second individual Micro-Batch supplement Glutamine Peptides

Last year MAN Sports launched their first individual ingredient Micro-Batch supplement, Fermented Leucine. At the time of it’s release, it was presumed to be just another unique product the brand had decided to add to their growing innovative line. As it turns out, the formula is in fact one of three basics MAN plan to produce for their Micro-Batch series. While nothing has been revealed just yet about the third, the second is now available and can be confirmed as Glutamine Peptides. The brand have packed the new single feature supplement with 50 unflavored servings, and are expected to have given it a price tag much the same as Fermented Leucine. Which would see it on sale for somewhere around the $15 mark. MAN Sports are currently listing the product as ready to ship, so expect to see Glutamine Peptides in at your local stockist very soon.

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