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Pre-workout preview of Nuclear something, details slim on latest MET-Rx innovation

MET-Rx preview a new pre-workout supplement we read as Nuclear 5

An image has surfaced from MET-Rx featuring two tubs of a new supplement destined for the pre-workout category. The details around the product are a bit sketchy at this point, but it does appear to have a title starting with the word Nuclear, followed by a number we believe to be a 5. The flavors are also a bit hard to read, with our unofficial guesses going down as citrus smoothie and radioactive punch. Despite the distorted image, it is quite obvious that MET-Rx are looking to go down an alternate road as far as graphics go. We can also tell you that there has been one transparently dosed ingredient revealed in caffeine at 400mg per two scoops. The information available on the MET-Rx pre-workout is most definitely slim, but with an image preview out of the way more details should be coming soon.

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