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Cinnamon bun Combat for now a 2lber, Muscle Pharm’s latest taste available at Netrition

Muscle Pharm's cinnamon bun Combat Protein now at Netrition

While we did initially think Muscle Pharm’s cinnamon bun Combat Protein Powder would take somewhere between one to three months to be released. It turns out that the brand had production on this one well underway before announcing it. As not only have they been giving away Combat’s ninth flavor quite frequently, but it is now available for purchase. Instead of showing up at or GNC for a strong and popular opening, Muscle Pharm’s new Combat taste has in fact surfaced at Netrition. The option is currently listed at the store for the regular price of $27.99. That price is of course for the 26 serving 2lb tub, which is the only volume listed for cinnamon bun so far. It doesn’t mean that a 4lb option is not on the way, nor does it mean it is on the way. Just for now it is a 2lber, with a listing on Muscle Pharm’s website or at something that should confirm size options. Until then Combat fans will need to sacrifice value if they want to try the protein’s new flavor, and hope they don’t get too addicted in case that 4lb tub never actually comes.

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