Review of Lobliner’s pre-workout Clash, first experience with an MTS Nutrition supplement

Jan 7, 2014 | General
Review of Marc Lobliner's MTS Nutrition Clash

With all the holiday action going on, our Protein Wars, and giveaways, it was difficult to find time to get some supplement reviews together. Today however we have results on a product we have given more than enough tests and trials, Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition Clash. After we were first introduced to the brand late last year, we managed to get a hold of a number of MTS formulas, the pre-workout Clash being one of them. Now with an almost empty tub, we have a complete review of the product detailing it’s highs and lows.

When you look at the facts panel of MTS Nutrition, you notice quickly that the supplement is pretty well packed. Lobliner makes no attempt to hide anything nakedly dosing all but the Boom Blend, confirming highlights such as 5g of Creapure, 3.2g of beta alanine, and 1.5g of agmatine sulfate, in a maximum two scoop serving. Ingredients and doses aside, we found that about one and half scoops of Clash gets the job done, and is more than enough to get the full experience of the pre-workout.

The first step in the product is it’s kick, which sinks in a little bit slower than most. However when it does comes in it’s both noticeable and quite calm. Clash’s kick does evolve into a mild energy level that doesn’t really change much from beginning to end, but does maintain itself for a large amount of time. While the supplement doesn’t sound overly impressive right now, the energy arena is just where it begins. As Clash does feature two more top performing effects that prove energy isn’t the only thing to look out for.

Intensity is a major in a lot of pre-workouts, and is also the biggest highlight mixed in with focus for MTS Clash. The thing that makes the experience so much more enjoyable is that with the calm and quiet level of energy. The mood of your workout doesn’t really change. There is no urgency or excessive exhaustion, the formula just improves performance in a comfortable manner. To make things even better, it’s calmness doesn’t take anything away from the intensity of the product, as Clash will have you eagerly heading back to the bench, seat, or bar for more pain quite quickly. A common feature in high quality pre-workouts is their ability to have you refueled and ready to go for another round, a lot faster than your usual rest period. This is what we like to call intensity as it speeds up the pace of your workouts, basically resulting in an intense session.

As mentioned the intensity of Clash works extremely well along side it’s mind and focus enhancement. Whether or not the feature is something intended to be a part of the supplement, you will have trouble thinking about anything outside of training once you put away a scoop or two. Unlike other mental effects, MTS Nutrition’s energizer acts similar to it’s energy dose in that it’s quite calm. It essentially clears your head, freeing you up to keep your mind on the task at hand. This coupled with the intensity, results in an experience that isn’t exactly unique, but a balance of effects that is one of a kind. High octane energy, mental stimulation, and hard hitting intensity are always enjoyable. Although when you can get some, if not most of that, without the discomfort or high that comes with it. You end up with a ride that you feel connected to and have a good sense of control over.

All up MTS Nutrition Clash is effective, there is no argument there. We can only hope we communicated the performance of the product well enough that there is at least one person who thinks this is exactly what they are looking for. To put the experience in as few words as possible, the supplement is a worker. It will have no issues getting your engine going, giving you what you need, and leave you with a crash free functional body. If you are a fan of pre-workouts like Muscle Pharm’s Assault, Pre-Jym, and maybe even Monster Pump, it is along those lines. Not so much it’s overall performance, but the fact that it is driven by the same main effects, focus, intensity, and a little bit of energy. As talked about above, it does have a rather different balance of the three. So if calm, collected, sustained, focused, and smooth sounds like a solid mix to you, don’t hesitate to give MTS Clash a go.