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MTS Greens + Multi no longer exclusive, Lobliner’s latest now available at Tiger Fitness

For all those Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition fans out there that couldn’t hold back their excitement when MTS Greens + Multi was released through Muscle & Strength. You will be happy to hear that as promised the supplement is beginning to come out of it’s exclusive deal,

and show up at other stockists. While you could always purchase the two in one formula from MTS direct, regular retailers now seem to be getting the opportunity to sell the product, with the first place listing it being Tiger Fitness. Lobliner has also followed through on his promise of price point, keeping the value of MTS Greens the same in all locations at $29.99. So for those who were actually waiting for the supplement to become available outside of Muscle & Strength, whether it be for convenience purposes or whatever. You can expect to see the product at your local MTS Nutrition stockist if not today, then very soon.

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