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Muscle & Strength set to be the first with single Animal Snaks

Animal Snak

One of the things we always look for when a new, good-looking protein bar comes to market, is individual availability. By that, we mean a retailer or brand that sells the bar of interest on their website singularly as opposed to in boxes of 12 or so.

The individual option is a great way to find out if you actually like the product before going all in and buying a whole box. Animal’s recently released high protein food bar Animal Snak, is now about to get that treatment, as currently there isn’t anywhere that we’ve seen online that has the bar in singles.

Muscle & Strength appears to be the store that’s about to save the day as it is now listing the Animal Snak in boxes and bars. It doesn’t have stock of the product just yet, although when it does arrive it looks like it’ll cost $2.99 per bar.

Purchasing protein bars individually isn’t of course as cost-effective as getting a whole box, but if you’re just looking to try it, that’s the way to go.