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Introducing Basix Series Lipo-6 Caffeine, Nutrex make it three individual supplements

Nutrex's latest supplement, the third Basix individual Lipo-6 Caffeine

We saw them add L-Carnitine and CLA to their Basix Series back when they rebranded. And now Nutrex are introducing a third individual supplement to their Lipo-6 line of weight loss products, Lipo-6 Caffeine. As with all individual formulas Nutrex’s latest is pretty straightforward. Featuring just the one ingredient, caffeine anhydrous,

at the slightly above average dose of 210mg per vegetable cellulose liquid capsule. Unfortunately we do not have a price on Lipo-6 Caffeine just yet. But based on the value of the other Basix supplements L-Carnitine and CLA, the new 60 capsule individual is not likely going to run you that much.

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