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High protein foods getting a more modern look, P28 confirm the coming of a complete rebranding

P28 Foods confirm the coming of a complete rebranding

Fans of P28 and their range of high protein foods, will soon need to educate themselves on a different look for their favorite brand. Currently being teased with the term ‘coming soon’, is a complete image overhaul for the P28 line. The company are planning on dropping their illustrative and uniformed theme for a more modern, formal, and color specific series of designs. From what has been previewed the P28 Breads will be getting updated with a red and white layout. Leaving only a few things in common with the spreads, which appear to be getting more stand out and detailed flavor images, along with colors to match. As mentioned above the complete rebranding is being promoted as coming soon, and will also be bringing an alternate logo as well as a redesigned website.

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