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Super Freak flavors and tub size confirmed, Pharmafreak promise four main effects for their new pre-workout

Pharmafreak reveal a few details for their new Superfreak reformulation

Pharmafreak have finally dropped some details on their upcoming pre-workout reformulation Super Freak. The product that is currently only available in select areas outside of the U.S. was previously confirmed to be getting an update, and a spot on American shelves. We can now tell you that the supplement will be launching in two flavors, with fruit punch being carried over from the original’s menu, and raspberry lemonade replacing pineapple and blue raspberry. The only other detail we have to work with is Super Freak 2.0’s tub weight of 205g, which is 20g lighter than current version. That difference is made up in the serving amount as Pharmafreak have packed the updated formula with 40 servings instead of 45, with each scoop working out to be around 5g each. The brand have yet to release any of the ingredients set to feature in the product, but are promoting four main effects for the new Super Freak, endurance, strength, mental intensity, and focus.

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