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Rebranding brings two new supplements, Supreme add to their on-the-go protein range

Supreme Protein rebrand and release two new supplements

Supreme Protein, the company most well known for their popular high protein snack, the Carb Conscious Bar. Have completely rebranded themselves and their products for the new year. The old bright and colorful themes have officially been dropped for a more formal look. Instead of a different color combination for each flavor of their bars, the supplements now feature a straightforward white background with an image and single color accent to identify what taste is what. The updated theme has been spread across the entire Supreme range including the two new products, the High Protein Milkshake and the four flavor Accelerate bar. The brand’s latest additions do almost explain themselves in their names, with the ready to drink formula basically being the drinkable version of the previously titled Carb Conscious bar, now called the High Protein bar. And Accelerate, a much smaller bar than Supreme Protein’s flagship packing half the amount of protein at 15g, but with what appears to be a slightly more gourmet flavoring approach. You can find out more on the brand’s two new items on their website, where you can also check out the new look.

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