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Supreme make it 9 for their flagship , 7-Elevens getting german chocolate High Protein Bars

Supreme Protein confirm a ninth flavor for their High Protein Bar

One of the many major supplement companies to rebrand this year Supreme Protein. Have been adding to their line quite a bit lately, with the latest development from the on-the-go specialists continuing that effort. The new addition to Supreme’s range goes to their popular High Protein Bar, seeing the introduction of ninth flavor for the flagship product. At the moment the brand’s protein bar is available in eight tastes, caramel nut chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, chocolate peanut butter wafer crunch, cookies & cream, peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter crunch, peanut butter pretzel twist and rocky road brownie. The flavor set to push Supreme’s High Protein Bar up to a range total of nine is the classic, german chocolate cake. While fans will no doubt be excited by the news, if you are interested in getting a hold of the new taste you may need to go somewhere other than your regular retailer. As Supreme haven’t said their german chocolate bars will only be available at 7-Eleven locations, but have said they will be hitting 7-Elevens sometime this month, suggesting that they may be exclusive.

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