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More weight loss individuals on their way, 4D Nutrition pick up the pace for new releases

4 Dimension Nutrition confirm the coming of three new individuals

4 Dimension Nutrition have confirmed the coming of three new individual ingredient formulas for their straight forward line of supplements. Originally the brand had just the usual Creatine and Glutamine. Which were later joined by Omega-3 Plus and Ultra Pure Omega-3, then post Olympia Raspberry Ketones and Pure Garcinia Cambogia. 4DN are now looking to add to their list of weight loss options with CLA 1250, Yohimbine HCL, and Yohimbe Bark. As for the item’s individual details, CLA is expected to feature as per it’s title 1.25g of CLA, with 120 softgels a bottle. Yohimbine dosed at 2.5mg per capsule, with 90 a bottle. And lastly Yohimbe with no confirmed standardization percentage dosed at 400mg per capsule, with a total of 100 a bottle. 4D Nutrition are currently listing the three as coming soon, which doesn’t exactly give us a launch date. But based on the brand’s previous release history, these are likely to be out before we even see their facts panels.

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