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Reformulated Razor8 on show at the Arnold, AllMax update their pre-workout supplement

AllMax Nutrition reformulated their pre-workout Razor8

Just two days out from the Arnold Classic Expo, AllMax Nutrition have unveiled their reformulated pre-workout Razor8. Compared to the original, the supplement has almost been put together from the ground featuring a number of different ingredients. The brand have also carried over the formula’s full transparency confirming every dose of every ingredient.

Starting from the top AllMax have swapped out their two creatines for 4g of monohydrate and 1g of HCL, and introduced CarnoSyn as their form of beta-alanine. Moving on to the volumizing blend, where Razor8 still consists of four forms of arginine with pyroglutamate, ethyl-ester, HCL, and Gaspari’s SuperPump 3.0 highlight, Nitrosigine arginine silicate. As well as two new features, 365mg of AgmaPure agmatine sulfate and 385mg of HydroMax glycerol powder.

AllMax Nutrition’s reformulated pre-workout goes on to round out with a stimulating combination of 272mg of caffeine, 45mg of higenamine, 24mg of di-caffeine malate. 22mg of hordenine HCL, 2.5mg of yohimbine HCL, and a final two piece complex of yerba maté green tea and naringin. As for the actual launch of the updated Razor8, AllMax will have it available this weekend at the Arnold, and are expected to be distributing it soon after.

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