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Nighttime weight loss formula RemBurn, long time no see for Better Body Sports

Better Body Sport's upcoming supplement RemBurn

While it has certainly been a long time since we saw or heard anything from Better Body Sports. The brand are now back and ready for business in 2014, with a fresh new supplement. The upcoming product is set to take on the same category a number of Better Body’s other formulas have found success in. Although it is looking to do so through a window only a handful of other supplements on the market actually use. The title of the new item is RemBurn, a fat burner intending to deliver it’s results during the night. The brand have yet to reveal any of the product’s contents, however the highlights released, sleep aid, weight loss, and nighttime recovery, do certainly suggest a few features. The only thing we are hoping for is that Better Body Sports have gone with a powerful enough range of ingredients to come through on it’s promised effects. Instead of the basic efforts we believe most companies use just so they can make overnight fat burning claims. For now all we have is the name RemBurn, it’s 90 capsule size, and the popular time frame of ‘coming soon’. Presumably putting Better Body’s latest on shelves somewhere in the next few months.

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